There is power in leaving silently…

Have you ever find yourself in a predicament where you do not, or simply can not agree anymore with what is going on around you?

I am talking about a relationship, a situation, an institute, an environment, even something as a facebook group, which maybe, at first gave you much joy when you entered.

Excluding marriage. This writing is not about marriage, and maybe then again, it is….🤔

People love to call a partnership in bussiness, a “marriage”. The other day I even heard someone using the term “before I climb in bed with you on this”; certain agreements need to be established. Absolutely true. Reason being, we have to see if we can find mutual grounds on a little bit of trust. Maybe for a month, maybe for 3 months, maybe for 1 year. Then we can talk real bussiness. That is fair enough.

But then things go sour. At first you start with silent mind talks, such as:

This will get better. It is only a test. Maybe my gut feeling is wrong. It is only my imagination. Maybe I should try harder. Or the classic killer: Maybe I should “forgive”.

Then time goes by and things get worse. Your gut feeling becomes an inner knowing. Then, one day, unexpectedly, your “gut feeling” (that which you have known all along but never had the guts to face) manifests!! BOOM!!

That one person whom you looked up to, who you bragged with, who you eagerly and probably unknowingly tried to please, comes for you. Big time. And if not for you, then around you. Usually in a manner that you just can’t put your vinger on. In fact, should you do so, that very same person will turn the tables on yóú. Yóú will be the wrong one. You will be the unforgiving one. You will be the sensitive one, and you will be pointed out as the judgemental one.

Is it worth while to fight? Is it worth to try and explain yourself or your actions? The thing is, you wíll look like the guilty one. Why? Because you never parted when you should have…..

Nine out of ten times, your inner feelings will lead to a massive blow up, possibly from yóúr side.

Does this sound familiar? Do you really think this happens only to you? No, my friend. No one stand aside from this, except those who choose to live in utter denial, basically their whole life. We all have issues. We all are judgemental, some or other time, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

But for the spiritual soul, this is huge. And this should never be taken lightly. Yes. Some will laugh at you. And wipe your inner emotions completely. Some will deny your efforts to confront the situation, and has no intention to even wánt to mend the situation.

Some will fight you to the courts and back. Some will trash you behind your back. And some will never give you a chance to speak the truth. Your truth. Reason being, they simply are not ready for this truth.

Bare in mind, that you and I could also be this “other one”; living in denial and causing much hardship.

Is there a conclusion? Is there a right way of handling situations like this, or maybe a wrong way?

My advise is this:

Go silently.

Go softly. But in Truth. And don’t look back. It barely has anything to do with forgiveness. It is truly about protecting and loving your own (heart); that is, yourself!

Néver stop praying for that soul who simply is not ready for truth. Because maybe, yóú were, after all…..the stronger one. Be blessed.


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