It’s a Matter of Trust

Opgedra aan my man, Willem Theart. Dié één persoon wie ek met my hele lewe trust.


Trust. What does it mean?

I guess there is something like fleshly trust, and then there is Godly trust.

Let me go to Scripture, before I start to thumbsuck, (relying on my own knowledge and understanding)….which I will do later on, anyway.

God says in Isaiah 50:10, he who walks in deep trouble and has no shining splendor in his heart, must TRUST in, lean upon and be supported by his God.

In Jeremiah 17:5 God says, that he who TRUSTS in and relies on frail man, making weak flesh his arm, and turns his heart and his mind aside from the Lord, is cursed. Verse 6 even carries on to strengthen this truth.

The explanation of this kind of cursing, can be found in Jeremiah 17:9, which says and states: “The heart is deceitful above all other things, and it is exeedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, mortally sick! Who can know it?”

This explains everything.

We are all the same. Every person’s heart is deceitful, perverse and corrupt. But then we stumble to one another and hope that someone else, who has his own heartfelt troubles, can mend our’s. We even lable ourselves as councelors or know alls.

So where does all of this leave us, if it comes to relationships? Must we trust no one? Must we trust only who we think are believers, such as us? Sadly it is they, who often stabbs the deepest, the hardest and who has the most hurtful baggage they carry within, which they project onto others….many times unknowingly. I hope.

Be as it may, where does trust leave us? This starts to become quite a blunt picture or a catch 22. We are cursed if we trust in people. We must trust in God. God’s people, who is supposed to carry and reflect Who JESUS is, stabbs us, disappoints us, reject us, and judge us. So where do we turn to?

The question is not who we can trust. The question is, WHAT is trust?

We all have a perception of what we think trust is. Each and every perception, comes from personal experience. How on earth is it possible to marry someone else, if trust is not on the cards? If someone else broke our hearts (trust) time and time again?

How on earth can we trust someone we cannot see, if we can’t even trust those we cán see? En nou moet ek in my moedertaal oorslaan……want geen engels klink so mooi soos hierdie afrikaanse woorde klink nie.


Trust is LIEFDE. Period.

Om dit onvoorwaardelik te gee, en om dit onvoorwaardelik te ontvang.

1 Kor. 13 en 1 Johannes 4 en 5.

God says in Isaiah 49:23b, that those who wait for, look for, hope for and expect HIM, shall not be put to shame. The Afrikaans edition says: “wie op My vertrou, word nie teleurgestel nie.”

Everything buggers up the moment we stop loving each other. We start judging, instead of building up. We criticise instead of sympathise. We quickly fall into the trapp of resentment. First resenting ourselves, then resenting the other person, which is none other than the platform for distrust.

Distrust hurts….like hell. Distrust divides. Distrust hides. Distrust sours. Distrust scemes and plots. Distrust reject. Distrust is lonely. Distrust is arrogant. Distrust is unfriendly. Distrust is inflated. Distrust is rude and it acts unbecomingly.

Distrust is the exact opposite of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.


God is love. Not human love or the kind of love that humans think they understand or have within themselves. No. His love were demonstrated, were given to us all, long time ago. As it is written in 1 John 4:10.

Will we TRUST that He is Love?

Trust never force. Trust never depart. The closest to this, any human being can come, I guess, is in a marriage that is based on mutual trust and staying together as one, till death do us part. We should be able to at least TRUST our husbands/our wives.

We LOVE, because God loved us first. It is not us who came up with this heavenly concept. God only allowed His “concept, His way” to come to us, and demonstrate to us, what His love truly is all about. 1 John 4.

If we do not have Him, we have nothing.


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