Align your “Assignments”

Today I started reading 265 posts on “Stop Detoxing Toxic People”.

I find that facebookers love posting quotes about “toxic people” and “narcissistic people” and the general advice is to get yourself a pair of gel-tackies and hit the road. Get away from these ‘horrific’ human beings as far as possible. And your life will run smoothly and all will be well.

Another successful wonderful facebook quote hitting 789 shares and everybody is getting healthier by the click of a share button. Yes?


Such an illusion. Such a fairytale. Such a fantasy. It’s at best a feel better second or two……especially if your friendlist start to acknowledge and share with you.

Yes we all agree. Yes. We all experience toxic people and narcissists. But do you know what? You and I most certainly have our own toxic and narcissistic spells…..maybe more on, than off. Why do you think you are able to acknowledge this so quickly? Mirror mirror on the wall……

Let’s look at a few pointers within ourselves.

1. Our want….to be accepted/loved.

2. Our disrespect of differences.

3. I am either “needy” (toxic); or I am “wanty/wanting” (narcissistic).

4. The one usually marries the other.

5. I make other people’s misery mine, then mine does not feel so bad.

5. I read and try to learn about:

* SELF-awareness (buy books, go to seminars, do courses by the dozen)

*SELF -compassion (self-forgiveness is possible! Cutting myself some slack is possible)

*SELF -respect ( Boundaries, False undeserved respect, controle freaks, stop slaving)

*SELF -love (Still comparing? Still competing? Still pretending? Still running?)

* SELF -preservation ( What is my gifts? What is my primary Love Language? What is my likes/dislikes? Who am I?)

Facebook quotes, with all do respect, cannot bring us to SELF love. Infact, they remind us how far we are from this. LIFE brings us into self love. GOD brings us into self-love, whether we believe in Him or not. Heartship-experiences guides us towards self-love. GOD is LOVE.

Or do you just LIKE your child? Where does LOVE come from? What brilliant human being decided that LOVE is such a fantastic concept…..let’s do this?!

Toxic and narcissists-traits, is in all of us, and will be found in all of us, some or other time. I firmly believe that we are merely each other’s ASSIGNMENTS. Breakthroughs will then come for each other or for at least óne, if we do not run away…..but rather stick for a while, as to choose who aligns with our own spirit, and then flow with that extraordinary human being.

What makes us run away?

Ourselves. Our pretense. Our holier than thou approaches. Our own defaults. Our own toxidity. Our own narcissistic attitudes. Our reluctance to be truthful and to speak the truth. Our truth. Our ego’s, our stupidity and most of all, our lies.

Each and every one has his/her own truth. If the other person cannot accept your truths, it simply mean that it is time to pull anchor. Be glad for how long it lasted. Bless and walk away.

Stop looking back. Stop hovering in the past…..otherwise go back! If you keep whining and talking about that terrible toxic person, or hinting towards them, it means that things aren’t settled yet, or you haven’t learned the life lesson you aught to have learned, yet. Realise that this other (toxic or narcissistic) human being was only being divinely set up… teach you, one, or more of the above mentioned SELF-Love disciplines.

The more you accept that each and every living human being that crosses your path, carries an inward devine messege, especially for you…..the less you will blame, or urge to want to fix others or run away. You will know that you have something to give…..God’s LOVE, and you will know when to depart.

Last thought. Someone else’s misery should not be yours for too long…..the more you listen to their issues, the more they will continue to dump it in your lap. They are not searching for God’s true divine LOVE. They are only feeding themselves. Fine. Respect that as well. But send a silent prayer for those, and stop indulging in their misery. You will soon find that those ones hate truth.

Today I aligned my spirit with 265 posts on “STOP detoxing a toxic person”; which influenced me to write this.

LOVE and be LOVED.


We are all the same!!!!


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