When departure becomes inevitable.

Opgedra aan my jare lange vriend, Pastoor Stoffel Februarie, my geestelike Tutor en voorbeeld in Christus. ‘N Man wie sagmoedig is, wie altyd vrede soek…..ongeag wát ookal na sy kant toe kom. Wat jy my geleer het, Stoffie, kan geen boek of Bybelskool oorgedra kry nie.


“Moenie gaan of vertoef of jouself opdring, waar jy nie genooi of verwelkom of langer aanvaar word nie.”

My gedagte?
Of sê God se Gees vir my so?

Why on earth would you do that to yourself…….and to those who pretend that they love you or even pretend to appreciate you? Your spirit will know they don’t. So what is it that makes you or I, stay?
Our denial?
Our ego?
Our stubbornness?
Or our approval addiction that we do not realise we might have?
Approval from whom?
Our rebellion? Or our lack of wisdom?

Galatians 1:10 gives the answer.

I meditate on what gives me JOY. Joy and peace comes from the Holy Spirit. Romans 14:17. Even if it is only coming from reading a book, or knitting, or gardening or painting or watching a good film, or adoring my kitten or travelling?

Regrouping with the goal of finding inner peace, is priceless. I ask myself who I réally and truly am and what do I have to offer as to build others up? Not breaking them down. Not causing divisions or strife. Not judging.

What and who (people) and when and how does other people’s spirits (energy), or places or activities, make me uneasy or simply depletes me? My eldest daughter said: “Mom, if it becomes that kind of high maintenance, something is wrong.”

CONCLUSION. (Mine…….at least)

Stay away. And if you can, wálk away. Realise that it is obviously “not your circus, not your monkeys.”

If you are very joyful and experience peace where you are and in what you keep yourself busy with, do stay. Because all that peace and joy surely will then flow over to others…… they will simply see thát joy and peace in you, and people who still seek peace, will want it. Then, maybe, and hopefully, people who see this joy and peace in you, and they will pray and ask to receive it as well. (Luke 11:13.)

NO ONE is able to transfer his or her peace and joy to another. We can and should only pray for each other. Our own decisions draws us to peace, or keep us away from peace.

Thát is what I’ve learned.

Scripture says, “Let him turn away from wickedness and shun it, and let him do right. Let him SEARCH FOR PEACE, AND SEEK IT EAGERLY.” 1Peter 3:11.

Peace in our spirit, remains the golden gateway at the end of the day. If and when we depart, because of disruption, caused by our own actions, peace will not follow us, nor will peace be with us. Then forgiveness and reconciliation is what is needed. But if departure comes from doing the right thing, then so be it. Remember. Jesus were almost thrown off a cliff!

He departed.

Sometimes departure gets to be our only option, as it so happened between two strong believers in the book of Acts:

Paul and Barnabas. Acts 15:39…..” And there followed a sharp disagreement between them, so that they seperated from each other….”

Many believers are definitely not all on the same pages if it comes to “interpreting Scripture”. Just have a peek at the history of the Church to realise the truth of my statement. It is quite clear that believers experience, their “walk with God” differently. A friend recently said, that believers come from different “angles.” Most surely they do. Paul and Barnabas, both believers in Christ, is a very good example of 2 believers who departed from each other because of sharp differences. Nothing wrong with that. I believe the “wrong” comes when you stay while you are rather suppose to leave.

Therefore it will be wise to find people with the same angle as you have. And perhaps, God willing, you might become part of a strong unity, where you will be priveledged to experience something of the depth of the content in 1 Corinthians 12.

Do not fight another’s “angle”.

If you can’t find the spiritual differences or gifts that God bestows on His children, according to 1 Corinthians 12, depart. Chances are that you find yourself in a place where the Holy Spirit maybe already departed….?

God will provide another place where your gifts, and your willingness to serve the way you can, will be welcomed. Some places are a mere harbouring pit stop. The ship must sail again. Pull anchor. Remember the good. Bless those who remain, and don’t look back.

Each and everyone one of us, will give account to the Almighty One, some day, of what we did with our gifts that God gave us, in other words…….of what we did, or what we perhaps failed to do, for others.

Departure is never easy. In fact, it comes with a great load of sadness. But God is faithful and He knows what we think. He is familiar with each and every thought and planning and attitude that we carry around in our hearts. He will judge. Only HE.



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