In Spiritual Exile…

I discovered that carrying out the Master Work is not the work of a few, but of every human being on the face of the earth……IS SOMEONE ELSE’S WORDS THAT I FULLY AGREE WITH.

To illustrate this, I’d like to share a short story from an old monastry, somewhere in the East.

” Mary, the Virgin mother of Jesus decided to visit a monastry with the Baby Jesus in her arms. Keep in mind, she knew Who He was.

The monks proudly joined in a long queue, and each of them came before the Virgin to render their homage. One declaimed beautiful poetry, another showed his illuminated paintings of biblical subjects, a third repeated the names of all the Saints. And so on, one monk after the other, praising the Baby Jesus.

The last monk of all there was the humblest in the whole monastery, who had never studied the learned books of the time. His parents were simple people, who worked in an old travelling circus, and all they had taught him was to throw balls into the air and juggle with them.

When it was his turn, the other members of the order wanted to bring the homage to a conclusion, since the old juggler would have nothing important to say and might lower the image of the monastery. But in the bottom of his heary, he also felt a burning need to guve something of himself to Jesus and Mary.

Ashamed, conscious of the disapproving looks of his brothers, he took a few oranges from his bag, and started to juggle them in the air, saying that juggling was really all he knew how to do.

It was at that moment that the Baby Jesus, sitting on Maria’s lap, smiled and started to clap his hands. And the Virgin Mary, reached out her arms, inviting him to hold the baby.” (P. viii en ix.)

– The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho.

I am not writing this to convince anybody to or from any kind of doctrine or faith or argumènts.

Please. Not today!

Especially not if I take in account how much crap we all buy from everything that we read…..also taking in account that Western culture know absolutely nóthing about the significance of the Virgin birth of Jesus.

However, this is not what my writing today is about. After having read the book, In God’s House, as well as having experienced quite a few encounters with let me call it, “church politics”; I believe that the Holy Spirit allows me now, what I’d like to call, “A Time in Spiritual Exile” to learn new insights.

To mention for instance the fact that we only accept a truth after we first wholeheartedly rejected it, and that we must not run away from our own destiny. (Writings for another day)

That being said…..I share this beautiful story, to ask mysélf only ONE question:

Is there something more beautiful than a true humble spirit?



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